Team building: 5 effective activities

For some time now, we hear and talk more about team building. This discipline, fundamental for companies, allows us to focus on the human aspect, essential for the success of any project. To work well, it is necessary to have a feeling and to share aspects that go beyond professional contents. This is why team building has been so successful in the last few years. If you want to know more and discover in detail some of the activities that are carried out, read further! We have selected five!

Creative activities

A very wide world opens up. There are so many creative activities that can be done in team building. Among these it is possible to remember the active painting. How does it take place? Spreading canvases on the floor and providing participants with colors and a theme. Thanks to this activity, it is possible to develop lateral thinking, which is very important when doing business.

Adventure parks

The days at the adventure parks are very popular activities when doing team building. Why? Because the participants are led to think for goals in an atmosphere characterized by adrenaline at the highest levels. Seeing is believing!

Business aperitif

Here we are talking about a great classic! Definitely less formal than dinners, it is an excellent idea for those who want to exchange a few chats with colleagues, especially those with whom you meet less during the working days.

Art door

This team building activity, very popular in recent years, provides that the group explores a city – not necessarily its own – in search of its main historical and cultural beauties. In most cases, groups have received prior information about what they need to find.

Escape Room

When it comes to team building activities, it is impossible not to call into question the escape room. This solution, very popular all over the world, allows to consolidate the relationship between the team members, thanks to the extraordinary mix between goals to reach and adrenaline.

If you want to know more, you just have to contact us and discover the themes of our rooms!

The 5 most famous shots in history

The robberies, as well as the thefts at museums and jewelers, have become the subject of films and novels for some time. But what are the most daring shots in history? Today we have chosen to list the 5 most famous! Here they are for you!

Robbery of bearer securities

We are in the early 90s in London. The protagonists of the daring theft were two men, one armed with a simple knife and the other equipped with a briefcase. They took about $ 1 billion in bearer securities. The stolen item was almost subsequently recovered entirely.

Theft at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Let’s talk about one of the most famous art thefts in history. Where did it happen? At the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. In the ’90s, two thieves in uniform, have deceived the guards boasting a call for an immediate intervention. After linking them to the basement, they took away $ 300 million of artwork, stealing paintings by artists like Vermeer and Rembrandt.

Theft at the Louvre in Paris

The theft we are going to talk about has greatly contributed to consolidate the Mona Lisa’s painting. At the time of their disappearance in 1911, prominent names were also accused of the theft, such as Apollinaire and Pablo Picasso.

Theft at the Bank of Baghdad

Now let’s talk about a bank robbery. We are in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. The blow has yielded 300 million dollars and, as today, nobody knows the details.

Robbery’s robbery

In 1986, the Italian Valerio Viccei entered a security deposit in Knightbridge. Stored, in pounds, a sum about 198 million dollars. Among the boxes taken away, there was one containing documents belonging, at the time, to the banker Roberto Calvi.

Do you want to experience first hand the experience of a real stroke of the century? Perhaps it is the case that you do not go to a museum to steal work of art, since soon we will inaugurate a new room, legal and fun, dedicated just to these shots in the museum!

In the meantime, how about a dive into history, with our escape room dedicated to Pompeii?

7 facts about Pompeii that you maybe didn’t know!

Pompeii, one of the most famous archaeological sites in Italy (and which is the setting for our escape rooms), with a lot of information available. Many have read them in history books. There are, however, curiosities that perhaps not everyone knows. We have selected some of these.


Before the famous eruption of 79 AD, the city had been devastated by numerous of earthquakes. However, the inhabitants did not connect them with a possible eruption. They did not know that there was a volcano on the mountain so close to their city.

Changing shapes

The shape of the volcano, then, was very different from today. It was in fact thinking about a mountain without crater.

Important guests

Pompeii, before the eruption, was a destination city for many important personalities. It is thought that in the area the emperor Nero had a villa. His wife Poppea, however, was originally from that part of Campania, near the city.

Other famous eruptions

The eruption of 79 AD has objectively passed into history. However, scholars have discovered that the area was devastated by an equally terrible volcanic eruption in 1800 bC.

Different dates

In 2014, the famous science divulger – and for some a real sex symbol – Alberto Angela placed the date of the eruption of Pompeii not in August but in October. Why this change? At the time, the son of the famous Piero responded to the various protests by recalling that several archeologists believed that the date of the eruption was in October, or at least in the autumn, because typical fruits of autumn were found in homes and braziers on.

The frescoes of the Villa of the Mysteries

Despite the lascivious content of the frescoes of the Villa of the Mysteries may suggest to Pompeii as a paradise city of the pleasures of the flesh, with the excavations was found a single brothel.

The importance of plaster casts

The plaster casts not only allowed to reconstruct the inhabitants’ bodies, but also to have clear ideas about the daily life of the inhabitants. Thanks to them, it was possible to know what was eaten and the necessary information about furnishings used at home.

That said, discover the atmosphere of Pompeii with our dedicated rooms!

5 tips for an unforgettable bachelor party

The bachelor party is a party that must stay in the memory of those who participate in it. For this reason, those who think about organizing one for a friend must select ideas well. To help you, we have selected five tips that you should consider before the big day!

Select the guests well

Even if you want to have fun at the bachelor party, it does not mean that there must be many people present. This is why it is good to avoid mass invitations to friends, colleagues, classmates. As they say, better a few but close friends, especially for such an important occasion that, hopefully, will also be the only one of this kind!

Choose the theme

When we talk about a bachelor party, we call it a party that can last only one night or a whole weekend. What matters, because it has to have success. It can be a film, a novel, a historical period, a cartoon character.


Planning is fundamental in every sense, especially when we talk about a bachelor party. The risk, if not, is to find yourself out of budget and to ruin the beautiful atmosphere. It is also very important to plan the activities so they can be carried out well. It is essential to listen to all the participants, but never forget that the last word belongs to the future spouse!


Anyone who has a professional friend in a particular field useful for organizing the bachelor party (eg a restaurateur or an event expert), has no choice but to delegate. The less thoughts you have in such an important moment, the better!

Make a choice … different from the usual!

When it comes to choices for the bachelor party, there are so many solutions to consider! One without a doubt is the escape room. Suitable for people of all ages, this game allows you to test your intuition, but also to strengthen the link with the closest people who share the adventure. The beauty of the escape room also concerns the possibility to choose between different themes and to work together to achieve a goal. No doubt about it: it’s a great experience for an alternative bachelor party!

Adventurous Room: the best solution to have fun and learn

When it comes to having fun in an alternative way, there are so many solutions. Among these we can remember the adventurous room. Much loved by children, they are in different situations, from the stories of pirates to famous movies, obviously always the subject of adventure.

Who can participate?

Participation in the adventures room is open to everyone. Not surprisingly, this is a very popular idea for children’s parties. Solving puzzles is not difficult at all. If you are in difficulty, you can ask for help. Fantastic, isn’t it?

How long does the game last?

The adventures room game has a variable duration. In general, however, everything takes about an hour. In this time frame, it is possible to solve the puzzles and to be able to get out in time.

The advantages of the adventurous room

Choosing an adventurous room for a kid’s party or for an evening like any other in which you simply want to have fun, means opening up to different advantages. First of all, let’s remember the possibility of having fun in a different way, focusing on the ingenuity to reach a goal. In addition, when it comes to adventurous room related to children’s parties or corporate team building, it is good to remember the fact that, with these games, it is possible for leadership situations that can emerge in the group.


Choosing the adventurous room for gamification or gamification training means opting for one of the most innovative solutions in the world of entertainment. The success of the escape room started in the USA and conquered the whole world! Today we can experience the emotions of an adventurous room also in Italy and this is fantastic for those who want to have a different kind of fun.

Seeing is believing! You will not be disappointed at all, we assure you!

Kids parties: some tips to make them special!

Kid’s parties are, very often, a real nightmare for parents. In fact, it is necessary to make a mental effort to find an original idea and to make sure that the little ones play safely. There are so many useful ideas. Some examples? If a child is happy during the summer, the birthday party can become an excellent opportunity for outdoor sports.

What do you think about a good game of soccer or volleyball? For those who love the great classics, there is always a the possibility for a treasure hunt. Or to organize an afternoon at the movies.

No doubt about it: there are plenty of alternatives of the classic parties. Also worth mentioning is the possibility of organizing one in the Escape Room. In this way, it is possible to combine the educational side with the fun side.

The Escape Room is perfect for children because it stimulates their intuitive abilities, leading them to “challenge” their limits without leaving the game context. Kid’s parties are also an excellent opportunity to give children the chance to live their passion to the fullest.

It does not matter whether it is for the story, for a movie or for a book. Thanks to the Escape Room you can give all of this and allow your children to have fun in a truly educational way. Do not be afraid that the game is too difficult.

The Escape Room, in fact, is also formulated for children and, in any case, it presents a person who provides all the instructions in case of difficulty.

No doubt about it: thanks to the Escape Room, children’s parties can become fun, educational and easy to organize. In fact, just find the right room and you’re done!

Escape room: an excellent idea to immerse yourself in history and in your passions

Nowadays, escape rooms are excellent solutions to have fun in an engaging way. The popularity of escape rooms is mainly due to this aspect. It can be said that they have introduced a new way of conceiving leisure, characterized by a mix of adrenaline and exercises of intuition.

Another very important aspect to consider is the setting. With the ability to choose specific escape rooms, you can dive deeper into the game.

Just to give an example, remember our room dedicated to Pompeii. The setting in the historic city of Campania, a world-famous archaeological site, allows us to fully experience our passion for history and get involved in a concrete situation very different from the one we are dealing with on a daily basis.

No doubt about it: today, when we talk about escape rooms, we have to mention that it is a form of formative entertainment that, as we have mentioned several times, can also be useful in business.

The quality of the relationship between members of a company’s team is essential for achieving results.

You can improve it thanks to the escape room. The success of this form of entertainment is well known and it is a reality deeply linked to the popularity of gamification, an approach that has revolutionized the world.

In fact, nowadays, in order to learn new concepts and ways of working, it is not necessary to be seated in front of a speaker, but you can play a more dynamic game, living your passions, with full energy and enthusiasm.

This is possible thanks to games like escape rooms, great ideas for team building, both for birthday parties and evenings with friends other than the usual activities, like being at the pub with a beer!

Escape house: a super addictive real-life game

Escape rooms are a famous game for many years now. Involving and being able to make the difference both in moments of leisure, as in training courses such as team building, they are characterized by different themes, ranging from novels to historical periods.

Over time, the proposal has evolved and more and more reality has passed from the single room to the whole … house! Yes, you understood very well: today we talk about the escape house. What is it? As already mentioned, an entire house characterized by the presence of several rooms. Obviously, it is necessary to get out.

The game becomes much more complex than the single room. In fact, the participants have more opportunities to rest and take a break of the situation to understand how to get out faster.

Obviously, as in the case of the room, it is possible to request help from the organizers.

The escape room is an amazing experience, it is able to make the dynamics of a group stronger and bring out any leadership. If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite novel, a film or a historical period, you can choose this solution and test your logical skills.

Obviously it is not possible to bring mobile phones inside the house. Communicating with the outside world, in fact, would destroy the sense of the game.

Even in the case of the escaped house, we can talk about a game suitable for all ages. The escape house is perfect for both the youngest, as for those who are already at a certain age and wants to carve out a little ‘time of fun, on the occasion of a birthday, a party or an evening different from the others organized without a particular reason but you just want to be together!

Best escape games: how to choose the best escape room

What are the best escape games? The answer to this question depends on the tastes and the situation of the single person who wants to try the escape room. Want to check before booking? Then look at the various themes of the rooms.

As we have mentioned several times, nowadays there are many solutions to consider when you have to choose an escape room. Not all themes can be pleasant. For example, someone would never be able to spend 60 minutes in a horror-themed escape room. In general, however, there are no problems.

The choice is indeed very wide and, if an escape room does not turn out to be pleasent, there are so many solutions available!

Another tip for those who want to focus on the best escape games is to take a loot at the times to escape from the room.

In this way it is possible to understand even more if it is the most suitable solution. A useful tip is also to check the reviews. Now, given the popularity of the escape rooms, on the web you can find a lot of comments from players.

Continuing in the suggestions dedicated to those who want to choose the best escape games, we would like to mention to the accessibility of the disabled. This chapter is very important.

Not all escape rooms are accessible by the disabled. Before finding yourself in difficult situations, it is therefore important to inform before. Another aspect to consider concerns any problems such as claustrophobia.

In these situations, we advice to opt for a room whose game session lasts for not more than one hour.

To conclude, let’s remember that the escape rooms, nowadays, are international. For this reason it is possible to find rooms in Italian, but also in other languages, such as English! A great idea for a gift to a friend from the UK or USA, don’t you think?

The main types of escape room games

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve already heard about escape room games and want to know more about it. We begin to remember you that the escape rooms are suitable for all ages and can be of different types.

Let’s see the main ones.

Escape room with historical setting

These escape room games range from Pharaonic Egypt, to touch the Templar and World War II period. To better manage the path in the room, it is necessary to know the details of the area well and immerse yourself in an atmosphere where it is not possible to ask for help from technology, but through your ingenuity!

Detective Escape Room

Here, escape room games focus on solving a case. This can be an unsolved murder, as well as the search for a missing person or a stolen precious object. This type of escape room also includes rooms where you have to solve a scam or to get out of a prison.

Fantasy escape room

These escape room games feature fantasy settings related to novels or movies. The range of solutions is very wide and goes from escape room settings in TV series like Games of Thrones, up to rooms dedicated to literary heroes of fantasy like Harry Potter.

Scientific theme room

The science-themed escape room games are also very interesting. In this case, at the center of attention there are situations in which science is used for non-noble purposes. Those in the room must face bacteriological or radioactive alarms, as well as experiments.

Obviously the escape room settings do not end there! We can in fact find rooms with a science fiction theme, as well as escape rooms dedicated to the world of the supernatural and horror.

In short, there are alternatives for all tastes and, remember, for every age!